Living on Purpose / The Eternal Call to Meaning and Adventure

A well-known 19th-century philosopher once said: Lving on Purpose“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.”
It means that if you know why your life matters—and have a positive purpose for living—you can suffer through almost any defeat without giving up or falling into despair.
So, what does that mean? It means that someone who’s found a purpose in life—a “why” to live for—can overcome any obstacle in his or her path.
What many have discovered throughout the ages, is true happiness can’t be “pursued”. Happiness is actually a byproduct of the pursuit of meaning. It’s the result of a certain kind of life.
Topics include:
  • Why inner transformation is the key to living a life with purpose
  • How God can weave together the passions and gifts He’s given you into a vision that gives your life meaning
  • How you can use your unique gifts, passions and life experiences to make a meaningful contribution to the world around you
  • How your responses to life’s “curveballs” can make or break your sense of meaning 
  • How to gain courage to follow Jesus into the adventure He has in mind for you

Each week we will:

  • Watch a video from the series: “The Eternal Call to Meaning and Adventure”
  • Discuss and grow together
  • Laugh and have fun together
  • Pray together
Is there a cost? Nope, It’s free!
How long will this connection group run? 8-10 weeks
Where do I go to sign-up? Register here