Purpose, Vision, Mission and Core Values



“Passion for God, Compassion for People”


A community practically showing Jesus’ love to everyone.


Loving God ~ Growing Deep ~ Changing Lives

Core Values

1. Bible-centered Preaching/teaching – Because Scripture provides everything needed for life and seeking Christlikeness, it causes us to love God more, grow deeper in Him and has the power by God’s Spirit to change lives.


2. The Poor and Disenfranchised – Jesus clearly calls us to serve the poor. We will sacrifice financially and practically in order to see lives changed.


3. Evangelism – Because ALL people matter to God we will build relationships in our communities and invite people to know and follow Jesus.


4. Praise and Worship – Because we are created to worship God, we will offer and encourage Spirit-led and Spirit-filled times of worship – thus increasing our passion for God.


5. Intercessory Prayer – Because Scripture calls us to lift one another up in prayer and we believe prayer to be powerful and life-changing.


6. Fellowship/Community – Because we are created to live life in relationship and community, we will live in fellowship:  practicing love, generosity, hospitality, vulnerability and accountability.


7. A Grace-orientation to Life – Because of the grace shown us by Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, we will show God’s love, grace and mercy to all people.

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